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We focus on films for those that are so in love with each other that they can’t contain their excitement. Without each other, life would be incomplete. These are the stories we love to tell.

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These are just some of the many films that we have been honored to capture.


Christina was a wedding guest to a few weddings we captured this past year and each wedding we spoke about the upcoming event she would be having with Mark. I was humbled with the love they had for my work and I happily became their videographer. The day itself was truly relaxed filled with love from the entire family. Their wedding was memorable for us and our goal was to show off the beauty through a film that allows you to relive each moment.



A film like no other to match a day like no other. Jen and Josh brought me on the journey of their wedding that started at the top of San Diego and continued at Balboa Park. From the city skylines to the the buildings in Balboa Park, this film shows the details of such an amazing day.

We spent time filming the love of Jen and Eddie and learning their story. This is a story of Friends who become lovers years later. As they journey around the world together eating great meals and laughing the whole way, they will remember This Moment as the best day of their lives.



The Wedding of Alyssa & Hayden

The Story of Alyssa & Hayden is nothing short of perfection. They knew each other their entire lives and it all started in grade school. The location of this wedding was fantastic and is family owned. It's deep in the woods and because of that we had such beautiful scenery for every shot.

The Wedding of Margaret & Ryan

The Story of Margaret and Ryan go back to meeting in school. Ten years later their families came together as one at Ponte Winery in beautiful Temecula, CA.



The Wedding of Mari and Kyle

When a bride loves the hills and has a dream of her perfect wedding she will need a groom to help her make it a reality. This wedding took place in woods in Burney, CA. This groom hand made almost everything at the wedding including the structure they got married in. Oh, and it started pouring and the dancing never stopped. 

The Wedding of Trenton and Alyssa

What is daylight savings? We forgot about it since this day was the first day of it and well... the ceremony ended up taking place at night and it was outdoors. Sacramento holds such a beautiful venue in it and it's called the Vizcaya Wedding Estate. Amazing location, amazing couple.



The Wedding of Aileen and Jerry

San Diego is beautiful and the view from the top of the buildings make it all that much better. This film shows us all that we love about filming in the city of San Diego and what can be captured with a couple in love surrounded by the buildings of the city.

The Wedding of Theresa and Brian

This is the Film of Theresa and Brian and it takes place at a wonderful venue in San Marcos called Twin Oaks Wedding Estate. The entire location is surrounded with trees, plants and vintage items that really pull you into this location. Can't forget the 100 year old tree that has been turned into a swing.


The Wedding of Amanda and Corey

Southern California ocean views are always amazing. This wedding took place at the Ritz-Carlton of Dana Point, which is our favorite location in the area.

The Wedding of Jenna and Alex

Theres something about rainy days that make for such great videos. The Dove Canyon Wedding Venue in Trabucu Canyon has to be one of the best venue's I have filmed to date. The building itself is pure art and fit this couples vibe just perfectly.

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