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PHOTOGRAPHER: Charissa Cooper Photography

MAKEUP ARTIST: Erica Alise Bivens

COORDINATOR: Christina, Her Mom and Sister :)

Christina was a wedding guest to a few weddings we captured this past year and each wedding we spoke about the upcoming event she would be having with Mark. I was humbled with the love they had for my work and I happily became their videographer. The day itself was truly relaxed filled with love from the entire family. Their wedding was memorable for us and our goal was to show off the beauty through a film that allows you to relive each moment.


โ€œThis Moment Weddings was, with out a doubt, one of our best decisions when planning our wedding. We were absolutely thrilled after finding out he was available for our date and after meeting Doug at a few weddings before ours, we felt even more sure that we had made a the right choice. Not only is he extremely friendly and easy to work with, his work is unreal amazing. One hundred perfect recommend!โ€


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